"A women is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water"

Welcome to Taking Tea and More!

For some entertaining comes easy for some not so much. But even if it does come easy sometimes you just want to be a guest in your own home, or at work or in one of your clubs/service organizations church etc. the list is endless everyone is busy and involved in so many things!!! That is where I come in. My vision is to let me have the fun of doing the “work” for you, because for me it is not work it is a pleasure, let me bring refreshments and all that entails to you!!! My goodness you certainly do deserve it. My vision is to bring tasty home cooked and when possible local items to you!! My vision is also to bring the best I have to make your dining /party experience one of the best for you and your guest’s!! All at a cost you can afford!!!

Fund raising opportunities: often along with fun comes fundraising. If you are a member of a group or club that does fund raising do give me a call maybe I can help you with that.

I want to personally thank you for reading my vision and for visiting my site. Those of you who live in Oregon or Washington, I do hope that I will be taking tea to you!! For you who are not as lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest I wish I could take tea to you!! I do wish each of you, no matter where you live, the best of everything, take care of yourself, take time for you and of course always take time for tea.


Maryann Scott